November 11, 2012
Who to Follow on Instagram

For me, Instagram has always been an afterthought. I don’t religiously snap every purchase I’ve made, every location I’m gone, every person I was with. Instagram is an occasional gesture to easily share with my friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

I’m not sure how it is for others - if people and organizations actually have an Instagram strategy - but there has been too much redundancy on my Instagram feed, or just…stuff that I don’t care to see on the small-screen-slow-scroll constraint of a mobile app.  So, this morning I decided to clean out my ‘following’ and ‘follower’ situation. 

I can’t bring myself to unfollow people I actually know, because I think, I’m at least somewhat interested in their lives (even though I’m connected to them on Facebook or Tumblr and get the same updates from there anyway). But friends are friends. Knowing someone is powerful.

So I moved on to organizations. I might be able to bear with redundancy with people I know - heck, they do follow me back - but I drew the line with brands/organizations (i.e. Celtics, Teen Vogue). Observe:

Celtics’ recent photos on Twitter 

And on Instagram:

Granted, the photos shared on Twitter were shared through Instagram in the first place, but I feel much more efficient getting all my Celtics information (photos shared through Instagram, direct uploads, or any other source) from Twitter - where I readily engage with individuals and brands I don’t know personally.

So as of right now, Instagram is a very private platform for me, and its main function is to facilitate sharing on other preexisting networks. Instagram’s recent introduction of web profiles can be seen as an effort to become a standalone network, but that’s going to be very hard given this crowded and already hyper-connected social environment. 

Content redundancy on social networks is a recurring dilemma for me as a content producer and consumer. Anyone who has to deal with content (and that is like increasingly every entity on the Internet) will have to maneuver cleverly. 

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